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Air Conditioning

HomeMasterCraft has been providing air conditioning repairs to many property owners in the DC, MD and VA areas. When you need an honest, reliable assessment of your air conditioning system, give us a call or request an estimate. Upgrading or replacing your cooling system will increase the overall comfort of your home. It’s our goal to make your home as comfortable as possible. We suggest if you have been told to replace your system, get a 2nd opinion. Sometimes your old system only needs a minor repair.

Are you dependable should an emergency occur with our air conditioning system? MasterCraft has been helping DC, Maryland and customers with their home cooling repairs for many years and understand how important it is to  keep your family comfortable during those hot, humid days of summer. That’s why we’ll have someone out to your home as quickly as possible to assess your situation and make the necessary cooling repairs. Yes, MasterCraft is dependable and you can count on us during an emergency.

Which air conditioning systems do you repair?
We can provide repair on all types of air conditioning systems.

Do you install new air conditioning systems?
Yes, we specialize in high–efficiency systems that provide total comfort throughout your home. All of our systems are backed by excellent manufacturer’s warranties. You can depend on us for reliable and efficient cooling solutions.

$$ Money Saving Tips
Summer Coolings
Lower Heating Cost

  • Set thermostat as high as comfortably possible

  • Shade your windows - (Sunny windows make air conditioners work harder)

  • Install a programmable thermostat

  • Change furnace filter monthly (Clogged filters lower furnace efficiency by preventing proper airflow)

  • Have air conditioning system “tuned up” annually (See information about our Maintenance Plans)
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